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The Color Orange

Updated: Apr 15


The center that governs your self-esteem, sexuality and creativity is found in the color orange.

Did you know that your self-esteem, that is, how you feel about yourself and not how others see you, is represented by the color Orange?

Your creativity and your self-esteem go hand in hand, and if your creativity is being expressed, then you feel better about yourself. Your sexuality and sensuality also sit in the color Orange. So imagine how good you would feel if your sensual and creative selves were in complete harmony with each other. Incidentally, it is when those aspects are in harmony that you feel bliss and enlightenment, which are the positive characteristics of the color orange. Speaking of harmony, here is a beautiful harmonizing of the sacral chakra.

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop or a room full of people and felt drawn to some people rather than others? On closer inspection, this feeling is the magnetic pull you experience from people who exude a natural confidence. This confidence that they exude is often a combination from the sacral chakra of self-esteem, sexuality and creativity.

  • I like to break up the colors into five parts:

  • Physical: Reproductive organs, colon and intestines.

  • Spiritual: Bliss, meditation and enlightenment.

  • Mental: Self-esteem, positive healing energy and anxiety.

  • Emotional: Trauma, depression, joy.

  • Past Lives: Tibet, Native American ( Cherokee)

So, how does Color Therapy work?

In a session, you would choose 5 colored bottles that appeal to you. The bottles you choose tell you and me what you are feeling at both the conscious and subconscious levels. The session also looks at past lives and what patterns, both positive and negative, we carry from those lifetimes into the present. It would bring to your awareness a lesson or a gift to be acknowledged.

If you are interested in trying out a session of Color Therapy with me, book your season:

I also offer “custom blended” chakra sprays. These are created especially for you. I blend the color, pure essential oils and charge them on a crystal grid for 3 days before I give them to you. They are also infused with a sanskrit prayer to enhance their energy.

Here is a testimonial expressing the benefits of a custom blended spray….

“So listen, I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I owe you credit for helping me heal. I had x-rays this week and the surgeon was amazed that my bones healed in only 6 weeks. He figured I’d take another month to heal based on the extent of my injuries. Your session and chakra spray were my secret weapons Thank you!” – Kristen Podulka – Palo Alto, CA

5 Ways to Use and Acknowledge Orange in Your Life:

  1. Wear an orange scarf or item of clothing when you are meditating, it will help you feel more peaceful and calm

  2. I used an orange cloth for my son when he was born by emergency C-section to help him “acclimate to this world” after being in the safety of the womb. Orange helps to absorb shock and trauma during birth or an accident or after any other traumatic event.

  3. Visualize and breathe in orange color before you speak at a public event or anywhere where you feel slightly intimidated. When you expand the sacral chakra it helps people notice you and listen to what you are saying because you are engaging their creative centers.

  4. Orange can also be used by mothers that are going to give birth or just given birth. Orange helps the baby to adjust to the new world more peacefully.

  5. If you are having problems with your reproductive organs or are going through hormonal change then visualize orange light around your reproductive organs. The orange helps to heal any trauma in that area.

Enjoy this meditation here whilst you tune into your sacral chakra.

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