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Listen To Your Inner Voice

Indigo - Third eye chakra

Well what exactly does this mean?

To me this means listening to my intuition or the first feeling that I feel before my logical mind interferes and reasons with me. Of course it is not bad to listen to my logical mind but it is better to combine both logic and intuition.

The color indigo is associated with the third eye or brow chakra. The sanskrit name for this chakra is the ajna center. This is the center and color associated with self realization and the seed sound AUM. The sound Aum is the most ancient sound known and it creates unity in your consciousness.

The third eye chakra is where your “being” is recognized and goes beyond science and physical manifestation. It’s the knowing of spiritual matter that is passed down into all aspects of you.

“Om is that eternal music which can smooth away all the creases of negativity in our Karmic database.” - Banani Ray -

So, how do you access and listen to the power of your third eye?

The easiest way is to sit quietly in meditation and focus on the color indigo. Imagine it ebbing and flowing and when other thoughts fill in simply acknowledge them. Be aware of the sound of your inbreath (so) and outbreath (hum). As you listen to the sounds so and hum everything else fades away. If you sit quietly for 10 minutes in this state, you will notice that you begin to relax and listen.

"There is a voice that does not use words. Listen."

- Rumi -