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Family Constellations

How does this therapy work? 

The purpose of Family Constellations is to energetically resolve the negative effects and potentially destructive behaviors within our families and our family lineages. We are not only born into families where we inherit biological genes and systems of beliefs but we act, pattern, and react from our family systems too. Family constellations suggest that individuals might unconsciously “adopt” these concerns as a way of helping other members to cope.  Present-day problems and difficulties may be influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations of the family, even if those affected now are unaware of the original event in the past.

Bert Hellinger who created this therapy refers to Systemic Entanglements as the relationship between present and past problems that are not caused by our own direct personal experience. It is said to occur when unresolved traumas have afflicted a family through an event such as murder, suicide, death of a mother in childbirth, early death of a parent or sibling, war, natural disaster, emigration, addiction, or abuse. Resolution and or closure is brought about through a constellation process. This therapy can be done with you and the therapist in a one-on-one setting or in a group constellation. 


In a one-on-one session, the constellation is done with the therapist and client using felts of color as representations for the family members and in group situations, the constellation is done with the therapist, client, and other representatives working as a whole to bring resolution to the client.

Organizational Constellations can be used in companies and within organizations to heal and enhance better work relationships. Systemic entanglements here would refer to situations where there have been mergers, acquisitions, people let go, and complications within the organization. Organizational constellations can be used to clear the entanglements within these structures since these entanglements can bring disruption and other issues within an organization or company. 


You can find more information on one-on-one sessions by clicking here. For group, sessions visit the Events tab.

For Organizational Constellations within corporate please email me at

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