Past Events
Awaken Your Intuition Training


January 2017 -7 & 21st (Class Full )

March 2017- 12th and 26th ( space available, you need to attend both dates )

Cost  $300

What is this training about ?

How often have you said I wish I had followed my gut feeling? Does this sound familiar?


Did you know that all humans have the Yin (feminine) Yang (masculine) or Shiva (masculine) Shakti (feminine) energy within each of us?


Both parts are necessary to help us be balanced human beings with both logical and intuitive aspects in play. The trouble is that for many reasons some of which are based in societies expectations we “dull down” our intuitive selves and make important decisions based solely on our logic.


These decisions can sometimes lead us to feel  frustrated, angry, disillusioned, disappointed or depressed. Somewhere in ourselves we know that the choices we made was not for our highest good. It was based in fear or in peer pressure, society's pressure, expectations from our families or friends, expectations from our communities. What if we could follow that feeling that comes from deep within that sometimes makes it to the surface and breaks free in our expression of ourselves more often?  How would we recognize it?


What would the you that goes with the flow of what you are feeling, that leads you to a place of contentment in choices you made feel like? That feeling of power and strength that blossoms from within that no one can take away because you know and your knowing is exactly right for you!


Our gut feeling or intuition is based within our feminine intuitive selves. What if you could learn to develop your intuition further so that you could follow it more easily and make choices that would serve your highest good? I teach and have taught the awaken your intuition course or channeling as many of my past students know it to be for 15 years. It was one of the first trainings I learned about 17 years ago and recommend it to everyone. This training has taught me to follow my gut or intuition more and more. I believe that it is one of the most valuable tools I have ever learned. I believe it is valuable to re- remember what you know from within.


In your training with me here is what you will learn:

  • How to tune in and trust your intuition

  • How to use your skills in everyday life

  • How to do automatic writing

  • How to check in with your body to understand intuition vs logic

  • How to practice your skills with others

  • How to use a pendulum

  • How to ask your muscles what is going on in your body

  • How to make your own dowsing rods

I open this class to 9 people only per training. To learn more read my blog on this training


To book your spot for the March class ( please note you have to attend both dates) go to the group services tab under Appointments and book now.



Full Moon Meditation for Women Only @ Greenmeadow Community Center

January 11th, 2017 @ 7.30pm

Cost $25


What better time to release old inhibiting thoughts and embrace new ones. This is a safe space for WOMEN on a quest of self discovery. If you are one of those women then come and join our circle. Invite a friend too! 

Upcoming Dates:









Talk @ East West Bookshop
Thursday Septmber 29 at 7.30pm
Free talk at East West Bookshop - Call to reserve seat 650-988-9800
"Introduction to Color Therapy, Chakras and Our Emotions"
Workshop @ East West Bookshop
Saturday- October 1st - 2 - 5 pm
Cost $55
Pay East West Bookshop via Paypal @
"The Emotional Alchemy of Color Therapy and Mandalas"
New Moon Meditation for Women Only @ Greenmeadow Community Center

Cost $25

My intention is to create a safe, fun, sacred and nurturing community for women on a quest for self love, nurturing and spiritual growth. A place where like minded souls can journey create friendships and support each other. For me this is a sacred circle of powerful, loving women looking out for each other.