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Enneagram Typing Session

How does this therapy work? 

This therapy is great if you are on a transpersonal journey, the Enneagram is a spiritual, psychological roadmap to understanding ourselves more deeply and the motivations behind what we do. How do we create traps for ourselves that keep us in the same patterns of behavior?

During this session, I will take you on a journey of inquiry asking questions and listening to your answers. Did you know that we have 3 centers of intelligence and that all 3 centers offer us insight beyond our personality structure? The 90 minutes involves me asking you a variety of questions that invites you to engage your inner observer and explore aspects of yourself and your personality that you may not have looked at before. We discuss the types that show up most strongly for you and I give you some information to read about those types. in our follow-up session, we dive more deeply into the nuances of the types, what patterns you notice, and how that type structure influences you on a daily basis.


The Enneagram helps us understand ourselves in the workplace, in relationships with others, and in our own relationships with ourselves. At the end of this session, we will book a follow-up session to explore more of what may be present for you.

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