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"Hemla has been immensely helpful to me during the past year since I've been in Palo Alto.  She has an excellent toolbox of spiritual therapies and good old talking that works well for me.  As with most good counselors/therapists I have experienced, the effects of a session don't always immediately reveal themselves, but I typically feel better when I leave - validated but at the same time with a plan of action.  The biggest thing I am working on is the ability to challenge my automatic/ingrained reactions to things, which involves releasing negativity and understanding that it does not define me.  Hemla continues to help with this process, which may be lifelong, but I can see measurable improvement.  This has helped with my relationship to my wife and children as well - rather than cast them as trying to undermine me or rain on my parade, I have a much better understanding of their own struggles, but more importantly, a better insight into the underlying love that can bring us all together.  My next step with Hemla will be to look at my family throughout generations and lifetimes, which should help me take the next step in breaking the chain of underlying negativity but also embracing the positive."

-Lawrence W. G.

Enneagram Typing Session

1 hour | $200 USD

What is a typing interview?

During this session you will be guided to engage with your own inner observer through an inquiry process. This is to help you notice patterns of thinking and behaving. Once the typing interview is completed Hemla will discuss the 2 strongest types that show up for you.

How does this therapy work? 

During this session I will ask you questions that prompt a self-inquiry process, encouraging you to engage with your inner observer, so you may explore aspects of yourself and your personality that you may not have looked at before. The Enneagram helps us understand ourselves in the workplace, in relationships with others, and with ourselves. You will also receive information to read and explore further.  Once we have completed this, we will set up a follow-up session to delve more deeply into the type you identify with.

Why a typing interview is important:

In the workplace, knowing your Enneagram type helps you to better understand and communicate with your team members and colleagues.

This therapy is great if you are on a transpersonal journey, the Enneagram is a spiritual, psychological roadmap to understanding ourselves more deeply and the motivations behind what we do. How do we create traps for ourselves that keep us in the same patterns of behavior?


Once we have an understanding of our potential types we can work through our illusions. This would be done in follow-up coaching sessions using the Enneagram with a somatic lens perspective.

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