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Metaphysics Community

What is a Metaphysics Community?

Metaphysics studies esoteric, spiritual, and mystical beliefs, ideologies, and concepts.


This community is mainly for someone seeking a spiritual community, ancient collective wisdom, and a safe space to learn and grow. We explore topics of a spiritual nature, such as the activation of our Merkaba, Angels, Devas, and Master of the 7 Rays, and their work on Earth. Working with the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine through Color Therapy, Meditations, and Family Constellations work.

What is unique about this community?

Hemla teaches a three-centered approach to channeling called Awakening Your Intuition. She created this unique method after learning the Enneagram and noticing how the different types and centers of Intelligence can potentially channel.


Why is this community important?

Hemla intends to create this community as a safe harbor for like-minded souls—a place to learn, share, and express mystical and spiritual ideas.

Each person's gifts from their experience and heritage offer insights and connections. All sessions begin with meditations.

Why start with meditations?

When we turn inwards, we can engage with our inner observer. All meditations are channeled and customized for our group and our community. 

History of the Metaphysics Community:

The Metaphysics Community began with a request for Hemla to teach some of the ideologies discussed in the meditation community, which she started in 2012. The meditation community was a precursor to the Metaphysics Community, created in 2017 with five women in her living room.


These women are still an integral part of the expanding community.

The original Metaphysics Community is now in its 8th year, and the members continue to grow and learn together, creating a sacred bond and sisterhood. They originally started meeting in person but now gather virtually. They meet in person for special meditations, lunches, and visits to places of interest. Hemla admires the women in this group for their willingness to dive into new and difficult topics, curiosity, and openness. They have a tenacity that she respects.

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Over the years, the group has gathered in person as often as possible.

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What to expect:

  • An exploration into a topic of a spiritual nature, such as how to awaken your intuition or understand the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within us.

  • A connection with like-minded souls who want to explore the mystical nature of the universe and our part within it.

  • Although we have a structural overview, our sessions are organic and we delve deeply into various topics.


Here are some topics we will explore together:

  • Awakening your intuition- 3-centered approach

  • Mandalas and their meanings, creating your mandala

  • Divine Masculine  & Divine Feminine

  • Twin Flames & Soul Circles

  • Ley lines and Geopathic stress

  • Creating your labyrinth, a journey inward

  • The Crystal Skulls and their messages

  • Masters of the 7 Rays and their teachings

  • Many many more..


Who is this for?

This group is open to those interested in being part of a spiritual community, connecting to ancient collective wisdom, and providing a safe harbor for like-minded souls. To maintain intimacy, the number of participants is limited to 10. When the limit of 10 is reached, new groups are created.

Email me here if you are interested in joining our community:

Subject of your inquiry:

Thanks for submitting!

What our members of the community say: 

"I have been studying with Hemla for over 6 years in her metaphysics class. She is a unique teacher with so much knowledge and background to bring to the class. It has been a comfortable space to learn with the other students. The class size is small and intimate. Over the years we have grown together to explore unlimited subjects. When the class ends I feel more grounded and curious about life."

-Kathy G.

“Hemla’s knowledge of color theory and her intuition to bring in other modalities is a healing experience. Her calming presence and years of experience is truly a gift to us all.  She has helped me see the beauty within my heart and soul. I have been a part of the Metaphysics Community from the very beginning, around 8 years ago”

​​-Kim W


“I love Hemla's metaphysics class. It provides a beautiful community of like-minded people to come together and hold space for each other. She has such a vast accumulation of knowledge and insights on the matter. I feel lucky to be a part of this community and to be able to have a wonderful guiding hand on my spiritual journey.”



“I've been a part of Hemla's Metaphysical Group for two months.  I've learned so much from Hemla in the short time I've been with the group.  She provides a nice balance of conceptual frameworks, tools, and hands-on practice.  This community is made up of a wonderful group of women who are on a similar path of learning and self-discovery.  They are thoughtful and self-reflective, with a certain level of experience that creates a safe environment to be vulnerable and open, all elements that support personal growth and learning. I feel like I'm meeting my goal of learning how to understand and more deeply develop my intuition and capacity for channeling.  I have individual friends and people I know who are like-minded but not a community like this that meets regularly with an experienced guide and teacher such as Hemla.  It's exactly what I've been looking for and hadn't found until Hemla invited me to join this group.  Thank you Hemla!



“I have been part of the Metaphysics Group facilitated by Hemla for the past 3 1/2 years. 

We have explored many topics such as Sacred Archetypes, Joseph Campbell’s Teachings, The Flower of Life Book, and Family Constellations. Meditations and rich discussions are part of each session with like-minded individuals, eager to explore all areas of spirituality. I always look forward to what messages and imagery I might receive from the guided meditations ignited by the energy of the group. Hemla also shares her vast knowledge and experience working in various healing modalities with the group. It has been a privilege to be part of this class.

-Kim f

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