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Color Therapy Bottles

"I appreciate having discovered 7 Rays Holistic Center on Yelp only to realize I'd met Hemla once before. To be honest, I had very little idea how color and energy impacted our psyche, though I suspected my lifelong desire to be recognized as an accomplished creative, and my personal obsession with sifting through colors (in the form of artist palettes) had some underlying current to my identity and perception of the world. Most therapists will not even broach the subject of intuition or creativity, often discarding these traits as "diagnosis of such and such disorder" which need taming and sedation. Sadly, we live in a helicopter-parenting community, and knowing Hemla's in this neighborhood is a breath of fresh air.

Hemla is incredibly kind, intuitive, and gifted in helping clients identify their core essence, find clarity, and identify the root cause of their mental and emotional blocks. Hemla's approach is spiritual and open-minded; she is compassionate and non-judgemental. Contrary to conventional methods of therapy and coaching, Hemla's sessions are part conversation and part spiritual uncovery. She is like a close friend who is completely present and listens with all her heart -- and we realize, sometimes that is what we really really need."

-Anne D.

Color Therapy

1 hour | $200 USD

What is The Psychology of Color?

Behind each color are emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental expressions. We are not always aware of what we may be feeling. Color Therapy is a form of energy work that is somatically felt in the body and teaches us to become aware of when the shadow aspects of ourselves are sabotaging our growth. The psychology behind color teaches us to acknowledge the shadow and light aspects of ourselves, to make room for all of who we are since we cannot omit any part of ourselves. Click on the link to hear more:


Everything is included. Color helps us access locked patterning from our childhoods and from previous lifetimes via our chakra system. It guides us so we can become more aware of why those patterns inhibit our current growth and how to move forward.

Color Therapy uses a range of 66 bottles of various shades of color to help give you insight into what you may be feeling or experiencing. Sometimes you may not be aware of what it is that you feel so Color Therapy helps us to bring emotions from the subconscious to the conscious.

Color Therapy uses color, crystal-infused water, and pure essential oils all blended together using a sacred mantra. These colors are accessed via distance Reiki to help re-balance parts of the body’s frequencies that may be out of balance. 


Color Therapy can bring understanding to our relationships, and the emotional issues from our childhoods that we might not realize that we carry. ColorTherapy brings guidance to our career choices and helps empower you with tools to understand yourself better.



How does it work?

You choose 5 colors from the range of 66, then based on these 5 colors we talk about what you are feeling and thinking during that time. I help you discover tools that you can use in your daily life to bring understanding to your emotions, what triggers them and why you are being triggered. At the end of the session, you can choose a bottle of color, which can be "applied" via distance Reiki. The frequencies of Reiki and our body's own vibrational frequencies work together to bring wholeness and balance.


Here is a series of videos interviews telling you a little more about what I do, I practice various therapies and this is just one aspect.


Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:



Why would you use color therapy?

If you were at a crossroads in your relationships, love, friendships, partnerships, wanting to change career, learning to embrace yourself, or struggling with insomnia, depression, or anxiety then color therapy would be a great tool to use to help you navigate your emotions. 


Color Therapy uses the entire color spectrum. It is a gentle yet powerful therapy. 

This therapy is great for children as well as adults. Children respond really well to the various aspects of what the therapy offers.

Chakra sprays can be custom blended upon request from the client.

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