What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. Each Enneagram type has a different way to see, feel and think, each from 9 different viewpoints.  The Enneagram offers insight into the 9 different styles of being in relationships with others and ourselves. It is a psychological and spiritual map of understanding the 9 different illusions we have about life. 


​Hemla, offers both typing interviews and teaches workshops on the Enneagram. Have a look on the events page to learn more about upcoming workshops. To schedule your one-on-one typing interview, click here. ​

One of the first teachers (Gurdgieff) of the Enneagram says ​:​

1) human beings are asleep to what is real; the work is to wake up.

2) People have an inner essence which is covered up by personality.

3) People are “three-brained beings;” they have three centers of intelligence: mental, emotional and body/instinct. The work of the Fourth Way ( seeing through the illusion) means to develop all three centers at the same time.


​Keeping these points in mind the Enneagram offers us the ability and the tools, combining somatic and energy work to shift and change patterns of behavior that no longer work for us. ​


Why I am drawn to the Enneagram


The Enneagram has been a transformative tool for me to understand myself more clearly, to understand the things, people and situations that trigger me and why. Most importantly, it has helped me understand how I can I notice these patterns in myself and bring some kind of healing , transformation and/or change.


​How it Works​


​I offer a 60 min typing interview, where you, with my help narrow down possible types you resonate most strongly with. 

The 60 mins involves me asking you a variety of questions that invite you to explore aspects of yourself and your personality that you may not have looked at before. The Enneagram helps us understand ourselves in the workplace, in relationships with others and ourselves. You will also receive a handout with reading materials for you to explore further. You are also welcome to set up a follow up 60 min session to delve more fully into the type you identify with.In work settings knowing your Enneagram type helps better understanding and communication between team leaders and other individuals within the organization.



Soon to Come


I plan to have panels of different types speaking and sharing more about what it's like to identify with that type. It is not only insightful but also thought provoking.​ Should you like to learn more or if you already know your Enneagram type that you lead with, let me know if you would like to sit on panels.

Coming in 2020, a beginners introduction to the Enneagram. This is a full day workshop TBD on the events page.