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Enneagram Holistic Counseling


"Hemla is a very competent and compassionate expert therapist. Initially skeptical of this approach, I have gained valuable insights into my personal issues. Hemla is an active listener, respectfully probing, non-judgmental, patient, and committed to her client's progress. She has an in-depth knowledge of many methodologies and skillfully customizes them. Compared to other therapists, Hemla is very generous of her time and expertise, without making the client feel rushed (or incomplete). I highly recommend Hemla to anyone on the path of self-inquiry and improvement."

-Rajiv P.

1 hour | $200 USD

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. Each Enneagram type has a different way to see, feel and think. The Enneagram helps us engage with our own inner observer, offering us insight into the 9 different styles of being in relationship with ourselves and others. It is a psychological and spiritual map of understanding the 9 different illusions we have about life. 

One of the first teachers (Gurdjieff) of the Enneagram says ​:​

Human beings are asleep to what is real, and our work is to wake up.

People have an inner essence that is covered up by personality.

People are “three-brained beings;” we have three centers of intelligence: mental, emotional, and instinct. The work for us is to see through the illusion of our personality structure and develop all three centers at the same time.

​Hemla is a certified Enneagram teacher with the Narrative Tradition(TNE).

Picture of logo showing Hemla is certified

If you  are curious and don't yet know what your enneagram type is then we offer typing interviews to help you to understand what enneagram type you may lead with.



What is a typing interview?

During this session you will be guided to engage with your own inner observer through an inquiry process. This is to help you notice patterns of thinking and behaving. Once the typing interview is completed Hemla will discuss the 2 strongest types that show up for you. Once we have an understanding of our potential types we can work through our illusions. This would be done in follow-up coaching sessions using the Enneagram with a somatic lens perspective.

Hemla also teaches workshops on the Enneagram both to corporates as well as to groups on a personal quest.  

Have a look at the events page to learn more about upcoming workshops. To schedule your one-on-one typing interview, click here. ​

We combine somatic, intuitive and energy based tools to guide so that we can change patterns of behavior that no longer work for us.



Why I am drawn to the Enneagram?

The Enneagram has been a transformation for me to understand myself more clearly, to notice people and situations that activate me and why. It helps me see patterns in myself and offers me the tools to change these behaviors and allows for transformation to happen.

​How it Works​:

​I offer a 90 min typing interview, where you, with my help narrow down possible types you resonate most strongly with. 

The 90 mins involve me asking you questions that engage with your inner observer, to explore aspects of yourself and your personality that you may not have looked at before. The Enneagram helps us understand ourselves in the workplace, in relationships with others, and ourselves. You will also receive a handout with reading materials for you to explore further. Once we have done this, you are welcome to set up a follow-up 60 min session to delve more fully into the type you identify with. In the workplace, knowing your Enneagram type helps you to better understand and communicate with your team members and colleagues.

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