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"Hemla has been hugely helpful in helping me to heal a serious health issue. I have become quite confirmed in my acceptance of energy work as I have actually felt changes occurring as Hemla has worked on me and also experienced significant improvement in my health during the days following. She is a joy to be around and she is incredibly soothing while also being straightforward and direct in her direction. She also knows how to have fun and throw out a good laugh."



"Color Therapy is just one of many healing modalities she does, that have helped me begin to set boundaries, build self-confidence, and embrace self-love. I'm planning to take my grandchildren to experience Color Therapy as well.  She will teach them how to set boundaries, intentions, learn to express their feelings & how important self-love & acceptance is...all while playing.  It's truly amazing what a little color can do!"



"Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Hemla - as a matter of fact, it affected me in a way I wasn't expecting.  After having my 1-1 with her, I felt like I had a clearer purpose in my life.  I felt centered and absolutely wanting to hear more from her.  Definitely buying her package and going back for more.  Shifting is good and I'm ready for it."



"Her uniqueness lies in her ability to “listen" with all her senses open and integrated. This, in combination with her ability to sensitively assess each individual as a unique being assists her in selecting and applying an appropriate therapy or combination of techniques, whose primary aims are to enable people to lead a fuller and more conscious life in alignment with their inner purpose. Hemla has a warm, generous manner which allows even the most trepidatious of clients to feel included, safe and relaxed in what can be an intimate experience of self discovery."



"Hemla is a uniquely skilled healer.  Rather than offering just one or two methodologies, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in a variety of energy healing techniques. I have been particularly amazed by her color therapy technique, which she has adapted, refined and perfected into her own unique form.  At each session, the meaning of each color I've chosen has reflected with uncanny accuracy a present situation, emotion, and/or need.  I leave each session with Hemla feeling revitalized and fortified.


~ Dianne

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! And what a gift it is when the teacher is Hemla. 
I have had the good fortune of working with Hemla for well over a decade now and can truly say her courses and readings are exceptional. She always works from a space of authentic wisdom and pure intention which makes each and every session an experience of divine love!"



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