About Hemla


Hemla Makan - Dullabh is a Transformation Catalyst based in Palo Alto, California.


Hemla founded  7 Rays Holistic Center in 2002.  Her work focuses on one simple statement - Awaken the power within you!

Why work with Hemla ?



Hemla is very gentle, compassionate, intuitive, and gifted. Her wealth of knowledge and skills with different metaphysical modalities makes her unique in her field. She is a wonderful facilitator.
When you go to see her, you feel like you are seeing a dear old friend. She holds the space for you and listens with compassion in a non-judgmental way. She empowers you and helps you to see yourself and your gifts. She clears the fog for you to see better and gives you positive energy.
If you go to see her, even if you have no idea what is happening to you, she will guide you and gently help you identify possible issues and point out the relevant therapies. 

 - Rasha H - 



To awaken the power within you is to awaken the dormant inner healer. We have aspects of our lives that we have been asleep too.  It may be our hearts, our minds, or our bodies.
To truly awaken the power within us we have to look inside to find out what has been asleep and why?

Hemla helps guide you on this journey using various modalities. She uses the Enneagram and coaching to guide the mental aspects and energy work to speak to the body.

Sometimes we need guides to help us navigate the terrain, to explore both inside and out. As a Transformation Catalyst, Hemla guides and works with both groups and individuals, to listen, guide, and offer tools to help people feel more empowered and focused. To re-pattern, our thoughts and our actions bring growth and change for us. 


What is unique about Hemla's style of working? 


Hemla customizes each session to suit your individual needs, even when working in a group. She blends together the various therapies that may be needed making each experience unique for you!

7 Rays Holistic Center was founded in 2002 by Hemla, it began in Johannesburg, South Africa. 7 Rays provides multiple therapies for groups and individuals as well as products and online workshops for an international market. Meditations and other products will be available at 7 Rays shop soon. 



Hemla takes you through a process of self-discovery and healing that is unique and inspiring, combining different types of methods that work best for your personality and what you are comfortable with. She is extremely approachable and entirely open-minded, and non-judgmental about anything that you discuss with her. The process she led me through opened my mind, my heart, and my soul in ways that helped me understand who I am, where I came from, and what I want to do to move forward-- unlike any other process I've ever experienced. Because I feel so strongly about Hemla's process and its transformative effects, I would encourage and have encouraged many of my loved ones to meet with Hemla. She's simply amazing. I give her my highest recommendation.  

 - Courtney D - 



More about Hemla 


Hemla has been a Transformation Catalyst for 19 years, she lives in Palo Alto, California. Hemla teaches meditation and has meditation circles for groups. Hemla teaches group workshops on a variety of topics.


Hemla continually adds to her repertoire of therapies. She has recently certified as a teacher in the Narrative Enneagram. Hemla is originally from South Africa and moved to the United States 9 years ago. She is a mother to 2 teenage boys. 

Hemla's background is as an artist and teacher and she still incorporates her art into her work.

Hemla has been exploring the world of "wholistic" practices since she was 16 and her journey really began then.

Certifications, Studies & Continuing Education:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) UKZN, SA

  • BA (Hons) - School of Arts (Ceramics), SA


  • Meditation Practices - Iris Borman, Pietermaritzburg, SA

  • Reiki (Master & Teacher) - Sabitha Maharaj & Swasth Nivas, SA 

  • Channeling - Melissie Jolly - Durban, SA

  • Past Life Regression - Melissie Jolly - Durban, SA

  • Color Works (Levels 1,2 & Advanced) - Melissie Jolly - Durban, SA

  • Crystal Healing & Metaphysics - Ingrid Richert, Crystal Haven - Howick, SA

  • Crystals- Lions River, SA

  • Numerology - Des Holmes, Johannesburg, SA

  • 2004- Created my own Color Therapy program

  • Art of Movement, Johannesburg, SA

  • Anthenea Technique, Johannesburg, SA

  • Awakening the Divine Feminine, Johannesburg, SA

  • Intermediate Kinesiology & Quantum Energetix with Dr. Frans Kromhout, Johannesburg, SA

  • Advanced Quantum Energetix with Dr. Frans Kromhout, Johannesburg, SA

  • Art of Living - Level 1- Art of Living Foundation, Johannesburg, SA

  • Art in Motion (expression through the body) - Balu Nivison - Dullstroom, SA

  • Healing the Inner Child Therapy, Johannesburg, SA

  • Family Constellations Teacher & Practioner - Yishai Gaster - ReMind The Constellation Way, CA 

  • Way of the Symbol - Bea Chestnut  & Uranio Paes - CA

  • Instinctual Subtypes - Barbara Whiteside - San Mateo, CA

  • Enneagram for Coaches & Therapists Bea Chestnut & Uranio Paes - Palo Alto, CA

  • Kabalah & Prosperity - Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, London, UK

  • Embodiment Dance- Farima Dance, CA, USA

  • Certified Teacher in the Narrative Enneagram, CA, USA

  • Deep Living Institute - Beyond Duality, CA, USA

  • The Embodied Enneagram - TNE, CA, USA

  • EPP (Enneagram Prison Project) - 9 PrisionsONEKey, CA, USA