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Quantum Energetix

"Hemla has been an invaluable gift in my life. She has helped me through a very difficult phase in my life. She helped me understand myself, what triggers me and comes in the way of my success. With breathing and grounding exercises, she helped me navigate some very difficult decisions and circumstances. More importantly she has the most calming and grounding presence. Every session I had with her gave me actionable tips for life and a feeling of clarity."

-Deepali K.

Quantum Energetix

1 hour | $200 USD

How does this therapy work?

During a session of Quantum Energetix, I "talk to your body" via your muscles. Quantum Energetix combines the principles of kinesiology (using the muscles responses to gauge what the body needs), EFT(emotional freedom technique-requires tapping various points on the body to release emotions held at cellular memory), and body alignment technique. It is a method of therapy developed by Dr. Frans Kromhout to help bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance to the body using somatic techniques. This balance is felt at a cellular, emotional and physical level.



Will it be good for me?

A session can take approximately an hour, depending on what balances the body asks for. The body indicates what it needs to balance itself and how often it may need a Quantum Energetix session via muscle testing. This somatic-based therapy is a great therapy to use if you have been triggered through trauma, stress, sadness, anger, fear or you experience anxiety. If you have experienced trauma, then this therapy would be good for you. This is a somatic-based therapy that speaks to your body and the wisdom within it.

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