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Simple Healing Methods for Each Chakra

The Best Simple Healing Methods for Each Chakra

From aromatherapy to yoga, there are literally thousands of excellent methods available for cleansing and balancing your chakras. Do all of them work equally well or is one particular method the “best”?

All the choices can feel overwhelming and since we are ultimately working towards helping our bodies feel better, any additional stress is counter-productive.

So let’s start with some basic and very important information. Each method of healing our chakras has a benefit, however some modalities resonate better with a particular chakra more than the others.

Imagine the chakras of your body building up like a pyramid - with the 1st or Root Chakra being the foundation or stability. Stacking the chakras on top of each other to the 6th or Third Eye Chakra, which is representing the pyramid’s light and airy high point.

The pyramid is built with only the first 6 chakras, as the 7th or Crown Chakra is pure consciousness, higher frequencies, and off the body.

Each chakra is related to a sense and element, providing a basis for choosing the a healing method best suited for the individual chakra.

1st Root Chakra - smell/earth

2nd Sacral Chakra - taste/water

3rd Solar Plexus - sight/fire

4th Heart Chakra - touch/air

5th Throat Chakra - hearing/sound

6th Third Eye Chakra - “sixth sense”/light

1st Chakra - Since this chakra is related to the sense of smell, treatments like aromatherapy work well. Working with essential oils help us attain a pleasurable emotional balance, which can have a therapeutic effect on the first chakra, balancing and harmonizing our center of emotional and physical stability.

2nd Chakra - Healing foods and tantric yoga are excellent for the Sacral Chakra which corresponds to taste, touch, intimacy and water. Have fun playing around with your partner by incorporating physical touch, sensual foods and the element of water. Feed each other fresh healthy strawberries and exotic fruit while immersed in a hot tub or whirlpool. Or take a picnic to the beach and let the soothing sounds of the ocean calm this chakra.

3rd Chakra - Visual therapy! For the chakra of sight and fire, try adopting the practice of sun gazing which has been used since the Egyptians and Aztecs. Sun gazing practitioners stand barefoot on the earth, looking directly at the sun while it is closest to the ground, exactly at sunrise or sunset. Be careful not to gaze into the sun to the point of pain!! For safety, please do your research if you’re going to try this practice.Our ancestors understood the relationship between the sun and health, believing the sun is the force of all life. Modern gazers stare at the sun to infuse the body with large amounts of energy.

4th Chakra - Touch! There are so many simple ways to balance and elevate the heart chakra. Humans need physical touch, countless studies show that we thrive when being held or hugged. So get out there and feel good by hugging someone, or cuddle close to your loved one tonight. Sleeping alone? How about scheduling a relaxing massage for yourself once a month or more? Even pets help fulfill our innate need for physical contact.

Sound healing works well on the 5th chakra

5th Chakra - Sound Healing. The sound HAM is associated with the Throat Chakra. When communications are feeling stifled and frustrating or you are struggling to express yourself, the throat chakra will benefit from chanting HAM. Unblocking this chakra increases the ability to communicate effectively with clear intent. Other forms of sound healing come in the form of crystal bowls, mantras or your favorite music

6th Chakra - Meditation with visualization has wonderful benefits for the upper Third Eye Chakra, causing shifts in the energy field. This is the place where our visions manifest into reality. This chakra regulates our ability to focus on and see the big picture. You can practice visualizing your ideal situation every day!

7th Chakra - Silence is best for healing the Chakra of pure consciousness. Simply being quiet and open to fully connect spiritually is the best way to heal this chakra.

A tip for balancing and healing the chakras is understanding this rule of thumb: the upper chakras benefit most from subtler healing practices like meditation, while the lower chakras will resonate with physical oriented techniques - ones that get into the actual bones and connective tissues.

Often the way towards balancing and healing is by doing what you don’t want. It's like working out at the gym - we favor working the muscles that are already strong, because it feels good... when it's the weaker muscles that need the most work!

If you have a tendency towards being in your head, not committing to things, lacking consistency or feeling scattered then you are living in the upper chakras. The focus needs to be on grounding and stabilizing, going deep into the body with physical practices such as yoga, paying attention to the lower chakras.

We tend to avoid what we need most, neglecting the chakras that are crying out for help.

Recently I was asked to guest blog for Finerminds a personal wellness blog that is about " the commitment to fostering a thriving community of people who want to better themselves and the world around them." So from time to time I will be posting guest blogs from the Finerminds team, like the one above.

Here is a bio on it's founder Vishen Lakhiani and the Mindvalley team.

Here is the blog I have written for them: My guest blog:



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