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Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra

Updated: Apr 23

Hi Friends,

With this color we come to the center of our being and the center of our body.

Have you noticed that generally when we feel fear we feel it in our stomachs?

This center rules our fears and what triggers them. The yellow chakra is found around the navel and stomach areas. The sanskrit name for this chakra is Manipura. It means dwelling place of the jewel. Imagine how you would feel if you could acknowledge yourself as the most precious jewel in the world? Would that not make you feel more confident about yourself or more loved by you for yourself? What better place to feel this especially from the very center of your being!!!

Actually how about we create an affirmation to do just this?

“ I am the most precious being and I embrace myself for all that I am”

Another way is to use Color Therapy, it is a powerful yet simple tool to use to gain deeper insight as to how to become aware of your fears and then to overcome them.

So how does Color Therapy work?

In a session, you would choose 5 colored bottles that appeal to you. From the bottles you choose it tells you and me what it is that you are feeling at both the conscious and subconscious levels. It also looks at past lives and what patterns, both positive and negative we carry from those lifetimes into the present. It would bring to your awareness a lesson to be learned or a gift to be acknowledged.I work especially with clearing issues around relationships, whether it is in love, or your finances or how you feel about yourself.

The solar plexus center is the seat of our physical soul and it is also our willpower center. The only thing that holds us back from doing what we want are our fears, so if we acknowledge our fears and ask ourselves what’s the worst that can happen?

If we follow with our willpower, we will have a very different outcome.

I love this quote from one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho –

“We are born with the fear of falling and loud noises. All other fears are imposed by society”

The five parts that this color governs are:

  • Physical: Digestive system, skin , issues, nervous system

  • Emotional: Joy, fear, anxiety and lack of confidence

  • Mental: Intellect, personal power and control.

  • Spiritual: Physical will and light.

  • Past Lives: Egyptian, Mayan, Cathar, Alchemist and Incan

Here are 5 easy ways to add the power of Yellow into your life and empower yourself:

  1. Yellow would be a great color to paint your study because it stimulates the intellect and lessens feelings of anxiety.

  2. Add a yellow crystal such as citrine to your pocket or wear it as piece of jewelry. Citrine will not only help release anxiety but will also help heal the reproductive organs.

  3. If you are feeling down or sad,

  1. then wear something yellow to bring back joy and happiness (you can also add your affirmations;))

  2. Visualize yellow light emanating from your stomach area to help with issues around food, eating disorders and nausea.

  3. When you are feeling unsure and confused, imagine that you are stepping into a sphere of yellow light. Then, breathe deeply and imagine the yellow light filling your lungs and body. As this sphere engulfs you, things become clearer.

I hope these suggestions are easy for you to use in your everyday life, I look forward to sharing insights about the color Green and the heart space in my next blog.

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