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Step-by-step Guide On How To Create Your Altar Space!

Updated: Jan 8

Altar spaces can be special spaces for you to connect with yourself, meditate, or stop and pause for reflection.

Creating your own altar area doesn't need much space, so even if you have a small space you can still create a special space for meditation, here is a step-by-step guide.

The first step is to find a table.
Setting up an alter space

Start by getting a table and placing it in a quiet area. Now take some time to connect with your space and table and see how you would like to place the various items. Some things you can include would be:

  • A vase of flowers

  • A crystal/ stone

  • A candle/ or incense

  • Some feathers

  • Your journal

  • A meditation cushion

  • A singing bowl

Add a

Add a representation of a guide you connect with for me the Buddha reminds me to be still and listen in, I have placed a candle in the shape of a flower.

Buddha and a painting
Add a representation of a guide you connect with

I added a quote to inspire me every day, you can add a deck of inspirational cards or a new quote whenever you feel drawn to do so.

A jar of flowers and a large amethyst
Add flowers and a crystal

I added a large amethyst on the floor but you can add smaller crystals if you prefer, I added fresh flowers because nature always reminds me to be present through her colors, scents, and beauty. The vase once belonged to my grandmother and I honor her and ask her to guide me (to learn more about the importance of our ancestors and the healing they offer, have a look at my blog on Family Constellations- Healing Ancestral Trauma )

Alter table with incense, flowers, small crystals
Add smaller crystals and incense

Here I added smaller crystals, an incense holder, and my homemade frankincense incense stick and feathers to remind me of my angels (angels are sent from Spirit, they leave feathers as calling cards, letting us know that we are taken care of).

I have placed my favorite journal on the alter.
Favorite journal

I placed my favorite journal on the altar to remind me to reflect and journal, I'm not much of a "journaled", but I like this one as it has quotes to inspire me and help me reflect on things I am experiencing. It's important to find a journal that works for you.

You may want to add a singing bowl or a bell to start and end your meditation with, the resonation can immediately relax and settle your body to begin your meditation.

Once you have completed your sacred altar space, all you need is a yoga cushion or chair to sit and meditate. I hope your space brings you great peace and grounding.

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