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Listening in to your body - Part 2

We are searching more deeply and opening ourselves to our feminine, sensuous and intuitive selves.

The orange energy center is our feminine intuitive center, it is where our self-esteem, creativity and our sexuality sit.

An acceptance of what is and a letting go of old ways of fighting who we are seems to be the shift in consciousness that is occurring globally.

This shift in consciousness has the ability to inspire a new born creativity and re-birthing of our assertiveness.

We are asking ourselves these questions ( you might want to ask yourselves these same questions), so keep your journal ready and ask these questions of yourself, now truly listen in to the answers:

  • What is okay for me?

  • What is not okay and why?

  • Should I make any changes and how do they benefit me?

Some of the changes that are occurring are around money. There is a release of fear surrounding money and not being able to support ourselves or our needs. This has to happen especially because our creativity and self-esteem are growing. We feel stronger, more confident and more creative. There is an opening up of our sensual and sexual selves.

I feel that I need to explain more about the sensuous self and the sexual self.

The sexual self is about our reproduction, sex and our sexuality.

The word sensuous means "to arouse the senses".

When we start to listen to our body and tune in, everything in nature can seem brighter and more defined. Our sense of smell may heighten, our sense of touch might become more sensitive. We might find that there is an awareness that was not there before. Many people will describe this sense of "heightened awareness" after they begin to practice meditation or go into silence. We are, after all slowing down and becoming aware of the finer nuances in our lives.

The sensuous energy is powerful as we begin to acknowledge that it is through our sensuality that we can command attention and express ourselves. It is also through our sensuality that we are able to develop our confidence because we are more aware of all our sense than we were before. The sensuous self can awaken separately from the sexual self but they are a powerful combination when awakened together.

We are shifting who we are in our relationships with ourselves and with each other. We are following instead of resisting ancient primal urges to listen and hear what our bodies are really telling us.

I love this quote :

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

- Buddha

Some thoughts to ponder and journal..

  • Are you listening to your body?

  • What is it telling you?

In my next blog post I will share a simple meditation to help you listen to your body. Happy journaling.

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