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Free Resources to Help with Anxiety

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I know that during this time of COVID-19 many of us are struggling with fear, anxiety, and worry. I have been thinking about some of my favorite resources, I have been using some of these that are helping me and my clients ease some of the anxiety.

I have noticed that somatic work is extremely valuable in easing some of the anxiety that is causing many of us to be tightly wound.

In my practice, I am finding that Reiki, breath-work, yoga, body-mind centering practices, Quantum Energetix, and sitting/walking meditations are all effective ways of helping people deal with anxiety right now. I am also finding that my clients are really benefiting from remote zoom sessions.

If you're wondering how that can be?

Well, energy is a moving force it can be felt anywhere at any time! The 12 Laws of the universe help us understand how the universe works. It