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The Power Of Crystals

When we first decided to get puppies a few good friends of mine advised me against getting Jack Russells. “they will tear up your garden when they get bored and they need tons of space to run in, they are high maintenance and very energetic, so get a dog that is calm” One of these friends is a dog trainer, Janet and the other two were parents to four dogs and knew the personalities of dogs really well.

Okay I said. Off we went to “choose our puppy”. Yes singular, 1 pup! I should have known that the universe does not always have the same plan as you do. Lets just say that the puppies chose each of my sons.

As the puppies milled around the boys (two Jack Russell brother and sister pups) approached my boys. The white and brown brother Jack Russell sat in the lap of my younger son and the black and white sister sat in the lap of my older son. This is the story of how we ended up with not one but TWO Jack Russells!

They were promptly named Patch and Scamp. My dog trainer friend, Janet, told me, “but I warned you not to get them, now you’re in trouble”. When I told her what happened she said “I guess they were meant to come to you”

From the very beginning when I could not find them they would be in my therapy room sitting next to all the crystals. I had huge chunks of Amethysts, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Blood stones,Jasper, Peacock’s Ore and many many other crystals. Some I used for my crystal healing and chakra balancing therapies and others were so big that they cleared the energy in the house and garden and sat on display. My friends and clients would always comment on how unusual it was to see two such calm Jack Russells. They were really the mellowest dogs in the world!

When I held workshops or meditations at home they would come and sit with all the crystals and be quiet during the time of the meditation. Often times as my clients arrived for their sessions both Patch and Scamp would be sitting in my therapy room among the crystals all peaceful and calm! What I learnt from them is that crystals have the power to not only relax and balance chakras in humans but in animals too and they behaved differently because of them.

When I do a session of crystal healing, I combine a chakra balancing and clearing along with Reiki, Chakra Sprays(that I custom blend) and finish of with a touch of sound therapy. During the therapy a client is lying down with the soft sounds of whales song playing in the background. I place crystals that I am guided to add on to the body, sometimes I get guided to place more unusual crystals like petrified wood or obsidian on the body. When this happens I often share the information I have about each of these crystals with my client and they resonate with what the crystal means for them at the time.

I then spritz the air around them with Chakra Sprays that are layered with pure essential oils, color and crystal infused water. These not only relax the body but also add to the release of any blocked emotions. The crystals themselves work at a much deeper level releasing blockages, pain, fears and pent up emotions in the body’s cellular makeup. I then using the energy of Reiki to shift the energy out of and away from the body.The sound therapy is added during treatment to enhance the healing process. At the end of the hour long treatment I advise my clients to drink lots of water to wash out the toxins and energy that has been released during their session. My client leaves feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed. Should you like to try a treatment with me it is $120 for an 1 hour session.

My three friends that I mentioned earlier in my story would often ask for the dogs to stay in the room whilst they were having their treatment. They would say that the dogs added to their healing experience. In time I bought Patch a clear quartz pendant to add to his collar, since he was always afraid of the electric storms we would have in Johannesburg. He would be really brave and run outside and bark at the thunder during the storm! He thought that he was protecting us from it but as thoughtful as he was I would have to run out in that same storm and bribe him with dog treats to get him to come back in so that we would not have to listen to the symphony of Patch and the storm!I would be unimpressed with my mission because it inevitably ended up with me being soaked to the bone and Patch happy with his treat!

I used the clear quartz crystal to help calm him. clear quartz has been used by most ancient cultures to relieve pain, for fevers and to protect the wearer from negative energy, balance the chakras, purify and harmonize the energy.

Scamp had an amethyst pendant to help her relax when she felt anxious during the storms. They were truly something to see those “highveld electric storms”! They were thunderously loud and the sky crackled with the energy of the lightening as it lit up the sky. It could be really frightening! Amethyst helps clear the aura, stabilizes dysfunctional energy within the body, brings peace and can be used in meditation. She felt more zen with the amethyst crystal pendant.

Some other powerful easy to find crystals I use are:

Rose Quartz – It is known as “the stone of gentle love”, it brings peace and calm to relationships, it promotes receptivity to art, music and writing. It is a great stone to heal emotional wounds and for promoting self love.

Jasper – is known as the “supreme nurturer”, it is worn as a protective stone, and can be used to aid any disorders of the kidneys, liver, bladder, spleen and stomach.

Turquoise – is the healer of spirit which brings in soothing energy and peace of mind, it is also known for its protective property, the Native Americans believe that it is a bestower of goodness and it is a master healer.

Bloodstone – is known as the” stone of courage”. It helps you to be present or here now in this moment. It helps revitalize love relationships and friendships. It can also be used to purify the blood, kidneys, intestine, bladder and liver.

There are many more crystals that I use but these are just a few that I mentioned in this newsletter. I will do a follow up newsletter telling you more about crystals and their healing powers and some easy ways for you to use them in your daily life. Look out for my next post showing you 5 Easy Ways to use your crystals.

Some testimonials from my clients,

“I feel that I have gotten better at listening to my inner voice since seeing Hemla. I feel like I have been able to incorporate the insights I gain from her sessions, and move in more meaningful and rich directions for me.” Kristin L, Palo Alto, CA

“ The crystal healing was super relaxing and bought about great inner peace and amazing energy afterwards. A few days after that therapy I wrote an article that went viral and changed my business, I’m certain it had something to do with the healing. I always come away from Hemla feeling more informed and aware of the power within my own body and mind, and eager to add her suggestions into my life for self healing, care and improvement. If you want to more deeply explore your body and mind in a relaxing and nurturing environment where you know you’re safe to be yourself Hemla’s therapies are a great place to start. Charlotte R, Palo Alto, CA

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