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The Power Of Crystals

When we first decided to get puppies a few good friends of mine advised me against getting Jack Russells. “they will tear up your garden when they get bored and they need tons of space to run in, they are high maintenance and very energetic, so get a dog that is calm” One of these friends is a dog trainer, Janet and the other two were parents to four dogs and knew the personalities of dogs really well.

Okay I said. Off we went to “choose our puppy”. Yes singular, 1 pup! I should have known that the universe does not always have the same plan as you do. Lets just say that the puppies chose each of my sons.

As the puppies milled around the boys (two Jack Russell brother and sister pups) approached my boys. The white and brown brother Jack Russell sat in the lap of my younger son and the black and white sister sat in the lap of my older son. This is the story of how we ended up with not one but TWO Jack Russells!

They were promptly named Patch and Scamp. My dog trainer friend, Janet, told me, “but I warned you not to get them, now you’re in trouble”. When I told her what happened she said “I guess they were meant to come to you”