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5 Easy Ways To Use Crystals

People are often daunted about what crystals to get and use so here are some crystals that are easy to get and use in your home:

When I first placed crystals in my clear water jug and offered crystal infused water to my friends and clients they looked at me as though I was totally potty!! I don’t blame them, it’s not everyday that we get given crystal infused water to drink. Some friends looked at me and asked me outright if it was safe to drink and why??

I explained that each of the crystals I selected was placed there for a purpose. In time my friends have gotten used to my crystal infused water and I have even had people tell me that it has helped them health wise to feel clearer and more balanced. Physically to feel more energized and grounded.

I have used the following crystals in my water: Carnelian: Aids with blood circulation Clear Quartz: clears negativity and balances the body. Amethyst: Relieves headaches and clears the mind Rose Quartz: enhances self love and acceptance and nurtures good family energy

Please Note: some crystals cannot be placed in water as they can be toxic but maybe made into tinctures by infusion

5 Easy Ways To Use Your Crystals

1. Crystal infused Water: this would be an easy and effective way for you to add crystals into your home. I currently use a Brita filter jug and place my crystals at the bottom of the jug that way the water is ready to drink and infused with crystal energy. (I wash my crystals and jug out weekly to keep it all fresh)

2. Use chunks of unpolished rose quartz in areas that are for families eg: living room- Rose Quartz promotes healthy family relationships and bring in self- love. It is known as the “stone of gentle love”. It is also great for eating disorders because it brings in self love.

3. I use clusters of Amethyst next to my couches so that it can help promote spiritual contentment and I place them next to my computers because it helps prevent computer fatigue.

4. Place a Clear Quartz crystal next to your bedside table or under your pillow so that it draws negative energy from your body and transmutes it to positive energy. It is great to help kids sleep better by relieving nightmares. It is effective when worn because it can amplify thinking and bring clarity to a situation.

5. Personal crystal – this is a crystal that can be placed in your pocket. I have a variety of polished and unpolished crystals that I keep for this purpose and I choose the one that appeals to me for that day. By doing this my body is indicating what it needs for its healing. I often tell people that crystals choose you just as much as you choose them!

When I use crystals on my clients who come in for a crystal healing, chakra balancing and reiki session, I choose crystals that their body indicates they need. So like when you choose your personal crystal for the day I place crystals on your body that your body has “picked”. This not only means that your session is unique each time but also that you have what you need at the time. During the therapy you will be lying down with the soft sounds of music playing in the background and the gentle warmth of my hands clearing blocked energy and releasing pain, fears and pent up emotions in the body’s cellular makeup. I then use the energy of Reiki to shift the energy out of and away from your body.The sound therapy is added during treatment to enhance the healing process.

I then spritz the air around you with Chakra Sprays that are layered with pure essential oils, color and crystal infused water. These not only relax your body but also add to the release of any blocked emotions. Should you like to try a treatment with me it is $120 for an 1 hour session. Call me at 650 7984168 or email me at to book your session.

Here are some crystals that I place on people very often during a crystal healing session, they are easy to find and powerful stones.

Kyanite- Aligns all your energy center and does not need clearing. It brings tranquility and calmness to the body.

Fluorite- This crystal brings stability and order to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual systems.

Labradorite- It protects your aura and energy field keeping it balanced, it helps you to deal with change attracting strength when necessary.

Obsidian- It is an excellent grounding stone that is protective. It helps disperse unloving thoughts that you might feel towards yourself.

Unakite- It balances both the physical and spiritual heart centers and helps to gently release conditions that have inhibited your growth.

Smokey Quartz- Can be used to dissolve negative energy patterns and emotional blockages. It helps bring clarity during a meditation.

I hope this gives you a taste of the kind of crystals that are available and how they can help you. I look forward to seeing you soon for your session!

I also offer the following sessions via Skype or Facetime: Color Therapy readings, Archetype readings Masters and Angels Readings Past Life Regression Channeling

If you would like to read a thought for the day or know more about what I do then please visit my website at:

Here are a few testimonials from my clients:

My journey with Hemla at 7 Rays Holistic Center started many years ago as her therapies changed my life dramatically. I initially went for guidance and healing while grieving the loss of my father – little did I know that it would be the 1st step to finding myself and my life’s purpose. I explored many of her therapy sessions (color therapy, crystal healing, regression) as well as some workshops (channeling and working with crystals). Not only did these experiences guide me to reflect on childhood issues, discover my inner power and connect with my husband and children on a soul level, but also taught me how to fully trust my intuitive powers. This resulted in me studying Therapeutic Reflexology and in turn helping people on their own healing journey. I’ve incorporated color therapy and crystal healing into my practice and it has truly given my service a very personal and unique touch. I often thank God for leading me to Hemla as she guided me along a wonderful path. Chantel Ross, Johannesburg, South Africa

Working with Hemla has been a life changing event for me. I have done over 6 sessions with her and I am seeing very significant change in all aspects of my psycho-emotional life. Hemla has also been hugely helpful in helping me to heal a serious health issue. I have become quite confirmed in my acceptance of energy work as I have actually felt changes occurring as Hemla has worked on me and also experienced significant improvement in my health during the days following. She is a joy to be around and she is incredibly soothing while also being straightforward and direct in her direction. She also knows how to have fun and throw out a good laugh.

Felicia Fahey, San Francisco, CA

I have had numerous sessions with Hemla (color therapy, crystal healing and quantum energetic) and am coming back for more. She has a holistic approach to human well-being and has been extremely valuable to me both when I have had some physical pain as well as when I have had some personal issue I would like to discuss. Hemla has a very sincere, kind and loving approach and is very knowledgeable. I have found my sessions with her very valuable and would warmly recommend any of her services to anyone that has a desire to thrive: body-mind-spirit.

Monica Ottoson, Palo Alto, CA

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