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Harnessing your creativity!

I am often told by my clients,"I'm not really creative, I'm not an artist. I can't even draw a stick figure! I believe we all have creative abilities and it can look different from person to person.

Each human being is a part of creation, so the creative spark must reside within us. It may seem overwhelming when we think of the idea of creating or even by the word creative itself!

Maybe it feels like we are trying to harness the wind!! For some it maybe a reminder of how they are not good enough because they cannot create, or that something in you must be flawed/lacking since you can't create. This is not true!

I think it looks different to different people and in my studies of the Enneagram I realize why, it can look or feel different to each enneagram type. Some of us create through expressing from our hearts, some of us create by expressing through our minds and the third type create by expressing from their bodies, expressing in many ways what each believes to be a creative outlet.

So, I decided to write this blog, with lots of encouragement from my clients who have realized that it's not unattainable nor does it need to be complex. So thank you to each of you for nudging me to write this. I have used real examples of peoples struggles and my own to illustrate our various creative voices, practical ideas and methods that I have used. Where possible I have added links to ideas and products.

Why am I writing a whole blog about this you may ask, what's so important about your creativity?

From a Psychology of Color