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"Every session is more powerful and transformative than I could imagine. I love that with her guidance, I'm able to go into a place of healing that I had never been able to go by myself or with any other healer (and I've seen a lot of them)."




I am because of you!

Hemla Makan-Dullabh grew up in South Africa, she began her business, 7 Rays Holistic Center in Johannesburg 18 years ago and relocated to California 8 years ago. As a Transformation Catalyst, Hemla blends together therapies to guide her clients teaching them to follow their own inner compass. 


Hemla's background is as an artist and teacher, at 16 the pull towards spiritual teachings intrigued her and she began studying some of these teachings. Hemla began her journey studying Reiki and Color Therapy and slowly added other modalities to her practice. She teaches meditation and hosts meditation circles to create a safe community for those on a journey of self-understanding or for those on a spiritual quest. She holds workshops on Family Constellation, facilitating constellations to heal trauma inherited through our family lineages. Hemla holds workshops on the Enneagram and offers typing interviews to discover the Enneagram type that most resonates with you.

Growing up in South Africa, Hemla understands the concept of "Ubuntu" which means "I am because of you". 

Nelson Mandela describes it as "the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.

Hemla draws from this belief and weaves it into her work and in her relationships with each soul.

Hemla believes that we are all beacons of light and her journey with each soul, is to remind them to reawaken that power/light within themselves. 

To be able to see within is to know ourselves.

Hemla's passion for Color Therapy overlays many of the therapies that she practices.




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Free meditations by Hemla on YouTube

Color and Enneagram Workshop
Color and Enneagram Workshop

Teaching a Color & Enneagram workshop
Teaching a Color & Enneagram workshop

17 Chakra sprays
17 Chakra sprays

Color and Enneagram Workshop
Color and Enneagram Workshop

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