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Awaken The
Power Within


Holistic Therapy Center
in Bay Area, California



As a Transformation Catalyst, I blend together therapies to guide groups and individuals, teaching them to follow their own inner compass. 

What began in Johannesburg, South Africa offering Reiki, Color Therapy, and other somatic and energy based therapies have grown since relocating to California. We have expanded our holistic therapies to include meditation, metaphysics, the Enneagram, and Family Constellations.

I believe that we are all beacons of light and my journey with each soul is to remind you to reawaken that power and light within yourself. 


To be able to see within is to know ourselves.


Please take a look around, learn about the various therapies, and feel free to book a session. You are welcome to reach out if you have any questions.

"Every session is more powerful and transformative than I could imagine. I love that with her guidance, I'm able to go into a place of healing that I had never been able to go by myself or with any other healer (and I've seen a lot of them)."


Our Therapies

We customize and blend our therapies to focus on You! 

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Our Events

We offer workshops & events online and in person

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