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Other therapies often combined and customized for the individual client can include:

Soul Retrieval Therapy

During this therapy, we reconnect with fragmented or "lost aspects" of the soul and retrieve them to bring wholeness to the soul. Our soul can "splinter off" parts and disassociate when we experience trauma. The soul can also splinter fragments off in other lifetimes and in soul retrieval work we reconnect with the splintered aspects of the soul to offer wholeness and unity in our Being.  (not updated on my phone).

Soul retrieval therapy is seen in many therapy modalities, in Family Constellation work when people or parts of ourselves are omitted from a system the omitted parts energetically hold a space and this can lead to behaviors and feelings that we may not logically have an explanation for. Through Family Constellation therapy, Quantum Energetix and other modalities the lost aspects can be retrieved. 

How do you know when your soul has splintered and you have disassociated from your body?
If you have experienced trauma it may have been possible that you disassociated from your body to cope with that trauma. If you have experienced any of the following, then it may be possible that Soul Retrieval Therapy could be beneficial for you.

Feeling disconnected from yourself or your family
Reintegrating after a traumatic situation
Relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms after a trauma
Neglecting the self and not paying attention to your own self-care
Obsessing over repeated negative thoughts and emotions
Feeling overwhelmed and therefore finding it hard to be present.


What you can try to help yourself:
Engaging in walking meditation, helps you to be present with yourself, your breath, and your body. Noticing what you are feeling in your body and where?
Creating or engaging in creative practice. Making art, singing, dancing, and gardening are all ways to reconnect with your body.
Breathing, this might sound obviouss but most of us tend to live our day on autopilot so conscious breathing can help us to reconnect with our body especially if you place your hand on your heart  or on any part of your body that is in pain or maybe talking to you right now.
Working with a trained therapist is helpful. Book your session here to work with me in helping your body to self regulate.



Enneagram Holistic Counseling


This therapy allows you to speak about issues you might have or share thoughts and feelings with me. We then find tools to help you through the thoughts and emotions you have.


Inner Child Therapy


This therapy is used to heal childhood or early adulthood traumas. It includes guided meditations, visualizations, and journaling to bring healing and understanding to the trauma. It helps relax the body and release pain, blockages, and unexpressed emotions.


Quantum Energetix

How does this therapy work? 

During a session of Quantum Energetix, I "talk to your body" via your muscles. Quantum Energetix combines the principles of kinesiology (using the muscles responses to gauge what the body needs), EFT(emotional freedom technique-requires tapping various points on the body to release emotions held at cellular memory), and body alignment technique. It is a method of therapy developed by Dr. Frans Kromhout to help bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance to the body using somatic techniques. This balance is felt at a cellular, emotional and physical level.


How will it be good for me?

A session can take approximately an hour, depending on what balances the body asks for. The body indicates what it needs to balance itself and how often it may need a Quantum Energetix session via muscle testing. This somatic-based therapy is a great therapy to use if you have been triggered through trauma, stress, sadness, anger, fear or you experience anxiety. If you have experienced trauma, then this therapy would be good for you. This is a somatic-based therapy that speaks to your body and the wisdom within it.



​During a session of Reiki Healing, you will be lying on a therapy bed with soft music playing in the background. The room is infused with the scent of pure essential oils found in my custom blended chakra sprays. I work on your body to help bring relaxation balance and to help heal traumas and pain in the body. This therapy is a favorite of athletes and pregnant moms but anyone can benefit from this therapy.

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