Other Therapies


Other therapies often combined and customized for the individual client can include:

Couples Color Therapy

This is essentially Color Therapy but it is approached keeping in mind that there are 2 sets of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and issues to work through. It is a great way of seeing how your partner feels about a situation or what emotions they might feel towards that. It brings insight into each other's feelings and issues that we might have with each other. It helps the resolution process to be gentle, non-confrontational and it helps open the lines of communication.


Year Forecasts


These are done at any time of the year to give you an overview of the months ahead. We look at positive affirmations and use these to create positive thought patterns.


Holistic Counseling


This therapy allows you to speak about issues you might have or share thoughts and feelings with me. We then find tools to help you through the thoughts and emotions you have.


Inner Child Therapy


This therapy is used to heal childhood or early adulthood traumas. It includes guided meditations, visualizations, and journaling to bring healing and understanding to the trauma. It helps relax the body and release pain, blockages, and unexpressed emotions.


Quantum Energetix

During a session of Quantum Energetix, I "talk to your body" via your muscles. Quantum Energetix combines the principles of kinesiology (using the muscles responses to gauge what the body needs), EFT(emotional freedom technique-requires tapping various points on the body to release emotions held at cellular memory), and body alignment technique. It is a method of therapy developed by Dr. Frans Kromhout to help bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance to the body using somatic techniques. It is a deep balance that is felt at a cellular, emotional and physical level. A session can take approximately an hour, depending on what balances the body asks for. The body indicates what it needs to balance itself and how often via muscle testing. It is a powerful somatic-based therapy.​ This is a great therapy to use if your fears have been activated, or you are working with anxiety. If you have experienced trauma or unsettling emotions, then this therapy would be good for you. This is a somatic-based therapy that speaks to your body and the wisdom within it.



​During a session of Reiki Healing, you will be lying on a therapy bed with soft music playing in the background. The room is infused with the scent of pure essential oils found in my custom blended chakra sprays. I work on your body to help bring relaxation, balance and to help heal traumas and pain in the body. This therapy is a favorite of athletes and pregnant moms but anyone can benefit from this therapy.