Somatic Enneagram

Somatic Enneagram.jpeg

How does this therapy work? 

The Enneagram is a somatic, psychological, and spiritual system. When we incorporate the somatic aspect of the Enneagram, it is a "wholistic" system felt in the body.

Did you know that although we “live in” our bodies many of us are disengaged from our bodies?


How will it be good for me?

It is through the somatic approach of the Enneagram that we can heal traumas that the body holds, helping us to reconnect with our bodies. Somatic means “of the body.” We have specific unconscious defensive mechanisms that each type adopts to survive, there are things we want to avoid and things we idealize that keep us in a state of disconnection. Working from the somatic lens perspective gives us insight and helps bring about healing. 

Somatic work allows us to connect with our bodies, and our hearts, guiding us to explore what may be present for us without forcing or trying to change it. It is about simply observing it. It is an amazing practice when done with a Somatic practitioner.

During the session, I lead you through a reconnecting process with your body so that you can become more aware of what may be happening somatically. Our bodies hold the key to experiences we may have forgotten or blocked out. This is a gentle way to heal that.