The color green is the fourth chakra and is associated with the heart. Green governs our emotions around guilt, abundance and helps us set clear boundaries. To balance this chakra close your eyes and visualize the color green filling into your heart, imagine the heart filling then overflowing around the torso area with the color green. The emotions that this chakra can balance helps set boundaries and releases guilt.


The chakra sprays are custom blended for each person based on what they need. So when you pick your spray, know that it is choosing you too! Each spray contains a blend of pure essential oils, crystal infused water, crystals, color and they are infused with a Sanskrit mantra while making them. They are left to charge on a crystal grid for 3 days before being sent out to you.


How to use them

To use you simply shake well and spray a few times over the top of the head. Close your eyes and breath in deeply 3 times. You can use them as often as you wish.


What do they do?

They help balance the energy within our bodies. They align the chakras and the energy centers connected to those chakras. They help calm and relax the body so that it can be in alignment.


Cost includes shipping within the US only.

Green Chakra Spray