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Hi Friends, I wanted to share more with you about the latest upcoming workshops, groups, and courses that I have planned, everything will remain online so that like-minded souls from all over the world can participate. Over the last year, we have had 2 year-long courses going which have been amazing. The metaphysics course filled up before I could add it to the events page of my website and this group has been going for almost a year and a half now. During one on one sessions with my clients, many wonderful things have materialized, this being one of them. The longest-running of the groups was the meditation groups, we had a weekly morning group that was free and ran for about 8 years. I would open up my home (pre-covid) and invite anyone who wanted to join the meditation to join in, my intention was to build a community, a safe harbor for people to connect, learn and share. This is still my intention in all that I do. The evening meditation group was a paid group and ran for 6 years, during covid I donated the proceeds to PACF (Palo Alto Community Fund). I have paused the meditation circles for now as I wanted to focus more on the two groups that I currently have running. The metaphysics group came about organically, with some of you requesting a group where I would share the various modalities of metaphysical and spiritual teachings that I had studied over the last 25 years. The metaphysics group is a small intimate group and we have been going strong for over a year and a half now. The request that I kept receiving was to start a "Color Therapy" group because people were curious about the depth and meaning that colors have, how they related to the chakra system, our somatic bodies, and what is held in each of these chakras or energy centers. So, in September 2020 I launched the Psychology of Color year-long program and it has become a wonderful space of learning and growing. We have an amazing group of people from many countries that have joined the group and I teach the various aspects of color. We have also had Family Constellation groups that have been meeting online and doing constellation work. I have also been working one on one with clients doing family constellation sessions, especially with women who have had difficulty conceiving. I will resume Family Constellation group workshops in August, both in-person and online. I am still doing one on one sessions for people who want Family Constellation work. Other workshops of interest that I am doing are: Mandala-making workshops that combine elements of color therapy and meditation for self-growth and creative expression. Vision boarding helps us plan and visualize what needs to be manifested. In the Fall there will also be Enneagram workshops coming up, this will be an introduction to the Enneagram. My Love Story - a workshop on rediscovering what self-love and care mean. We have another workshop coming up on 24th April. from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm PST. Sign up here! More details about these upcoming groups: Psychology of Color Year-long Group This is an online, year-long group to study the psychology of color. It is a deep dive into the frequency behind color. Color is more than what we see on the surface, it is related to the chakra system and the system within our bodies. Color surrounds us in everything we eat and wear, it’s everywhere in nature and we use it to design and decorate our spaces. There is a much deeper meaning to color than what meets the eye. I plan to be your guide taking you on a journey of discovery and exploration, helping you to understand yourself and the world around you in a whole new way. How it works: We meet online once a month to explore and understand the deep richness of color and its many-layered meanings and how it applies to various aspects of our lives! The community that we create together, will be a place to share, listen, and learn. Who is this for? This is open to you wherever you are in the world. As long as you have curiosity and an interest in things metaphysical then you're in the right place. To learn more about this program: Here are some of the 12 modules that we will be learning about each month. - How energy works - What does each color mean? - Past Lives and Color Therapy - Color and the chakra system - Color and prana/chi/ life force and how to access it - Color and the 3 centers of intelligence - Color and the enneagram - Color and relationships - Color and crystals & essential oils Cost $385 ( for the year) Sign up here! Here is a link to a blog I wrote on the Hidden Depths of Color. What people are saying about the groups and workshops: "The Psychology of Color has been an enlightening and unique experience exploring the role color plays in our healing journey of the mental, emotional, and physical. Hemla has the ability to embrace each participant while holding space for participants to grow and to learn at his or her own pace. In academic teaching terms, her style is known as Individualized Teaching/Learning or meeting each student at his or her level of understanding. She creates a safe environment of inclusivity for all. Throughout the journey, we are guided to uncover and nurture our own internal gems and to expand our ability to view ourselves, and others as unique expressions of the Universal Interconnection of All, the One, and encompassed within Indra's Net. " - Deborah C "The Psychology of Color workshop is a very informative and jam-packed workshop. It is a wonderful discovery into yourself. Hemla is a very knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and gentle facilitator. She is a wonderful guide that supports and guides you on this journey. Her information in the course Is extensive and expansive My time in the course is a wonderful retreat every time. . You leave every week feeling revived and rejuvenated. " - Nirmala P

What is Metaphysics? It is a study of all things mystical and spiritual in nature. What we will cover in our group meetings? We will always begin our sessions with meditations and centering practices. We will have time to study content as well as share and discuss our own felt sense of these topics. What is the group about? The group is about a long-term community, creating connections with like-minded souls who are also on a journey of understanding our shared spirituality and seeking a community. How big is the group? Each group will have a maximum of 9 people so that there can be time for sharing and community building. Some of what we will study: What are chakras, medicine wheels, auras, ley lines, labyrinths? Who are our masters, angels, and spirit animals? What is the Divine Masculine & Feminine and how do we tap into both aspects of our being? What are the 12 laws that govern the universe and how can we bring consciousness to ourselves and practice these laws? What are twin flames, soul circles, soul mates, and what are our archetypes? And more.. Your commitment: We will meet online once a month for 6 months on Wednesdays for 3 hours via zoom. May 5th, 2021, mornings - 9 am -12 noon PST Please note this is a long-term group with a 6-month commitment. This is open to all, anywhere in the world. Cost: $570 for 6 months Sign up here! What people are saying about the groups and workshops: "Hemla has created a safe space to explore spiritual knowledge. I am been in the Metaphysics class for 18 months and there is always something new to explore. Hemla is open to what we want to learn and brings in her years of experience. She has so much knowledge, creativity, intuition and is a humble human. This class feels intimate by keeping the size of the members small." - Kathy G. "When Hemla announced the Psychology of Color class, I was curious. I see color all around me, but I was not really aware of it. I hadn’t connected with the implication of what I was seeing. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could concentrate on color as I might a crystal, or that I could receive personal insights from colors. Each month, Hemla creates guided meditations which carry me deeper into me and help me open to aspects I was not previously aware of. Hemla is highly intuitive, kind, and knowledgeable. She has been an excellent guide throughout the four years I have known her. Through POC Hemla has helped me know myself better. But beware- you might need to move your socks to a larger drawer to accommodate all of the colors you will want to wear on your feet!" - Claudia O. "Hemla has such a humble approach with her style of knowledge. She has so much to offer and a wealth of knowledge in so many modalities. Her guided meditations will take you on a deep dive into your soul. She has such a kind and open approach to guide you through many ways of healing and learning about ourselves." - Kim W I hope to see you at one of the classes soon. Warmly Hemla

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