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Red - The Base Chakra

Hi Friends,

I hope you enjoy the series.. starting with the Color Red and the base chakra…..Its all about the BASE :))

Everything that makes you human sits in the color red! Red rules your emotions, your relationships,home and finances. Each color can be divided into physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects. Since I am so passionate about color I promise to try not to overwhelm you but to give you enough information to look at color with fresh new eyes.

Some days I need a color so badly that I would love to pour it over myself inside and out. Inside would look great but outside might get me some odd looks and comments! So instead I use Color Therapy.

So how does it work? In a session of Color Therapy you would choose 5 colored bottles that appeal to you. From the bottles you choose it tells you and me what it is that you are feeling at both the conscious and subconscious levels. It also looks at past lives and what patterns both positive and negative that we carry from those lifetimes into present. It would bring to your awareness a lesson to be learned or a gift to be acknowledged.

If you are interested in trying out a session of Color Therapy with me, (don’t worry if you’re in another country or city I do sessions via Skype too!) it is $90 for 1 Hr. Have a look at my website for more info or call me on 650 7984168.

So now that you have a clearer understanding as to how Color Therapy works let me tell you more about the color RED!! Physically, red governs everything from your feet to the base of your spine.

Circulation, sexuality, reproduction and low blood pressure are also controlled by the color red.

Spiritually it is the awakening of the kundalini, the rebirth of the higher self and sacrificial love.

Past Lives: China, Romania, Russia Emotionally it relates to survival, feelings of resentment, sexuality and being a martyr.

Here are 5 easy simple ways to use and acknowledge the color RED in your life:

1. It is always good to activate the base chakra and ground yourself at the beginning of a meditation, and the easiest way to do this is by visualizing red light or energy at the base of your spine and in your feet to “earth” you. 2. If you are nervous before you go into a meeting then visualize the color red surrounding you giving you strength and courage and helping you be more assertive. 3. If you are really exhausted but still have the things you need to do by the end of the day then visualize yourself being energized by letting the color red circulate through your blood oxygenating it and feel it pump into your heart revitalizing your body. You would be amazed at just how energized this can make you feel! 4. If you are having problems with blood circulation or have an injury to a part of your body, then a great color to wear would be red to assist circulation. Here is a great testimonial from Kristen on how visualizing red during her session helped her bones to mend much faster. “I had x-rays this week and the surgeon was amazed that my bones healed in only 6 weeks. He figured I’d take another month to heal based on the extent of my injuries. Your session and spray were my secret weapons Thank you!!!” Kristen Podulka, Palo Alto 5. If your self confidence is at a low and you are meeting new people or going on a date then use the color red to help you feel more confident. You can wear it or visualize it surrounding you.

There is so much more to the color Red but I promised not to overwhelm you so I’m keeping my promise! If you would like to know more then please contact me at 650 7984168 or

The next color I will talk about is ORANGE and it is the seat of your creativity, self-esteem and sexuality, so stay tuned, until next time.

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